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3 Reasons Why Yearly Eye Exams are So Important

The importance of visiting your Calgary optometrist regularly for check-ups goes well beyond ensuring your vision isn’t blurry. Here are 3 reasons why yearly eye exams are so important and how your eye doctor can help safeguard your health and wellness.

While most people believe that regular visits to the eye doctor are for prescription updates, the truth is that the yearly eye exam is important for more than just clearing up your vision. Scheduling appointments with your optometrist is also a great way to protect your overall health. In fact, a routine eye checkup can detect signs of serious health conditions, such as:

  • Diabetes
  • Brain tumor
  • High cholesterol/high blood pressure
  • Thyroid disease
  • Oral melanoma/skin cancer


Our Qualified Eye Doctors Are Your Partners in Total Eye Health & Overall Well-Being

At Market Mall Optometry, our Calgary eye doctors strive to always protect your vision and overall health. From helping you select the right type of eyeglasses or contact lenses, to emergency eye care services and cataract management, we help keep your vision clear and comfortable and your eyes healthy.

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3 Reasons Why Visiting Your Optometrist is So Important

People who can see very well often wonder whether they really need to schedule an eye exam with their optometrist. But it’s important to remember that an eye exam is just as much about checking the health of your eye as it is about evaluating how clear your vision is. Here are 3 reasons why it’s so important to regularly visit your Calgary eye doctor:

1. Eye Exams Can Detect Ocular Diseases

There are many eye diseases that can affect Canadians which can lead to poor eyesight and even permanent vision loss. Some of these conditions include:

Some of these diseases, such as glaucoma, do not give early warning signs which means that by the time you notice a change in your vision, the disease may already be in the advanced stage. Only your optometrist can detect the presence of such conditions during a comprehensive eye exam.

2. Annual Eye Exams Can Detect Other Health Problems

Many people first learn that they have serious health conditions such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, and even cancer from a routine eye exam.

How: During a comprehensive exam, your eye doctor will observe the health and condition of the blood vessels in your retina, which are a good predictor of the health of blood vessels throughout your body and conditions such as diabetes and hypertension are all visible by changes in the appearance of the retinal blood supply and blood vessels.

Our eyes are often called ‘the window to our soul’ but as it turns out, they’re also a very effective window to our overall health.



3. Your Eye Doctor Can Detect and Correct Vision Problems

Certain changes in your eyes can affect your sight, making it difficult to see clearly and thus affecting your quality of life. During an eye exam, your optometrist can check for and correct a number of vision problems, including:

  • Refractive errors. Nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism are all refractive errors that can be corrected with prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses.
  • Amblyopia. During a vision exam, your eye doctor can detect amblyopia, a condition where one or both eyes are misaligned or one eye requires higher correction than the other.
  • Focusing: Children and adults who struggle to focus their eyes can experience problems seeing and doing other activities such as reading.
  • Strabismus: Described as crossed eyes, this condition can affect depth perception. If it is not corrected, amblyopia can develop.


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