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Eye Emergencies

What is Considered An Eye Emergency?

If you have sudden eye irritation, injury or infection, it is imperative that you seek professional help.

Instead of assessing the situation yourself, which could lead to further injury, our Calgary optometrists and office staff will do everything we can to accommodate you on a moment's notice. We will conduct a thorough examination of the surface of the eye, as well as a deep eye scan to determine the damage and set you quickly on a path to recovery. 

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What do eye emergencies include?

Our equipment allows our eye­care professionals to accommodate many eye emergencies, including foreign body removals, conjunctivitis (pink eye), sore, red or itchy eyes, eye infections, allergies or burns, eye trauma, scratched eyes, sudden loss of vision, and dislodged contact lenses.

Do you accept walk-in patients for eye emergency care?

If you or someone in your family is experiencing an eye emergency, it’s extremely important to visit our clinic as soon as possible. Proactive diagnosis and treatment will prevent vision loss, reduce the risk of spreading contagious infections, decrease your pain and discomfort, and allow for quicker healing. 

If you are experiencing an ocular emergency of any kind, contact us immediately at 403-286-4884

**Alberta Health Care covers all emergency eye care visits to Market Mall Optometry

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We are conveniently located next to Milestones by the North entrance of Market Mall.

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We are located next to Milestones by the North entrance of Market Mall.
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