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Adult Eye Exams

Adult Eye Exams Market Mall Calgary

Adult Eye Exams in Calgary

Regularly scheduled eye exams are important for your visual and overall health. Eye exams are often able to uncover underlying issues such as high blood pressure, Type 2 Diabetes and even brain tumors. 

Market Mall Optometry recommends having a complete eye exam every year to assess your risk for potentially damaging eye conditions, track any existing conditions, and keep on top of any changes in vision you may be experiencing. Call us today.

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How Often Do I Need an Eye Exam?

Adults between the ages of 19 and 64 should undergo eye exams at least once every two years, and book an eye exam as soon as possible if they experience any sudden or noticeable changes in vision

What happens during an eye exam?

Using advanced equipment, we can determine health problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, and other ailments before you notice symptoms. Our eye doctors can screen for conditions like cataracts and glaucoma. We’ll sort out if glasses or contacts are right for you and can schedule appointments for follow-up of specific eye issues.

Other eye exams

At Market Mall Optometry, we also offer children eye exams and senior eye exams. We have your entire family covered!

An exam now could save you time and money in the future. Please book online or call us at 403-286-4884 to schedule an appointment today.

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The length of an eye exam depends on the patient and their unique needs. A routine eye exam for someone with no apparent complications should take around 20 to 30 minutes. For patients who are older, an eye exam may take longer. Patients with eye or general health complications such as high blood pressure, diabetes, glaucoma, or other conditions may also require a slightly extended exam.


If you’re scheduled for an appointment at our eye clinic in Market Mall, coming prepared to your appointment can help us better meet your eye care needs.

What To Bring To Your Appointment:

  • Any prescription glasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses
  • Any eye drops you are using
  • Any medications and supplements
  • A family history of significant medical conditions
  • Your vision insurance information
  • A record of recent eye injuries or surgeries

An standard eye exam includes:

  • Assessment to test colour deficiency
  • Measurement of depth perception
  • Measurement of the pressure inside of your eyes
  • Measurement of your existing glasses prescription
  • A review of any health concerns you may have or that may be in your family history
  • Examination of your eyes with and without the help of lenses 
  • Full assessment of the health of your eyes 
  • Retinal photo to assess the health of the back of your eyes 
  • Optometrist-determined prescription

*Children under the age of 18 and those over 65 years old will receive all tests listed above with the exception of retinal photos. These photos can be provided if requested by the patient.


Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP) covers annual eye exams for children aged 0-18 and for adults aged 65 and up. The province's health insurance plan also provides coverage for all emergency visits to an eye doctor. For more information about emergency visit, please click the button below.


A large number of patients report some visual discomfort, such as distorted vision, a “fish bowl” effect, mild headaches, or eye strain with a new prescription. These symptoms can be due to your eyes adjusting to new lenses, a difference in frames and lens shapes, or a switch to a progressive lens. This discomfort will typically last a few days - however, if you notice discomfort after a week or two of wearing your new lenses, be sure to discuss the issue with your optometrist.  



A progressive lens gives you three vision powers in one lineless lens for a more aesthetic and natural way to view the world. Progressives let you see clearly at any distance all with a single pair of glasses. By adjusting your head and eye position, you will be able to see far away, mid-range, and close-up.


We are conveniently located next to Milestones by the North entrance of Market Mall.

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We are located next to Milestones by the North entrance of Market Mall.
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