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4 Summer Tips For Eyeglass Wearers

From sweat and heat, to unwanted glare, wearing eyeglasses during the summer isn’t always comfortable! Keep your vision clear this warm season with the following tips from our Calgary optometrist. 

With summer in full swing, protecting your vision is more important than ever! With the increased sunlight and outdoor activities, it’s important to keep your eyes safe from UV rays as over-exposure can lead to a host of dangerous eye conditions, including:

  • increased risk of developing cataracts
  • increased risk of age-related macular degeneration
  • photokeratitis (eye sunburn)
  • retinal damage

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4 Tips For Wearing Eyeglasses During the Summer

With the warm weather and longer days, summer truly is a magical season full of pool parties, outdoor activities, and bright blooms. However, with the heat comes inevitable problems for individuals who wear eyeglasses including sweat, heat, and sun glare.

But that doesn’t mean you have to ditch your frames and opt for blind sunbathing! Here are some simple tips on sporting stylish eyeglasses all summer long:

1. Find an Eyeglass Frame That’s Comfortable

One of the first steps you must take to surviving the summer with eyeglasses is to find a pair of frames that are comfortable and trendy. The last thing you want to suffer through on a hot and sunny day is wearing a pair of clunky and heavy frames.

Save yourself the discomfort and choose a pair that is:

  • lightweight and made of metal
  • rimless or part rimless
  • bright colored or in a neutral shade
  • well-fitted

Don’t know how to pick the right pair of eyeglasses? Talk to your local optometrist and they can help you find the right frames to suit your face-shape, needs, and lifestyle.


2. Make Your Makeup Work For You

The summer heat can create a light sheen of sweat on even the freshest of faces. To keep your eyeglasses from sliding down your nose, consider applying a small amount of primer to the bridge of your nose. Finish it off by dusting with a powder foundation; your frames will stay in place in even the hottest conditions!

Wearing Makeup With Glasses


3. Invest in a Pair of Reading Sunglasses

Nothing beats lounging in the garden or on the beach with a good book but have you ever tried to wear a pair of sunglasses over your reading glasses? Luckily, maintaining your vision while protecting your eyes no longer has to be a challenge.

These sunglasses will:

  • minimise the long-term negative vision effects of reading in the sun
  • reduce eye strain
  • prevent you from squinting, which can cause premature wrinkles
  • lead to more comfortable and clear vision

This summer, consider investing in a pair of trendy reading sunglasses - the lenses are available in a range of reading prescriptions, so you can keep up reading wherever you are.


4. Use Microfibre Cloths

There are some aspects of summertime that just can’t be avoided, such as mosquitos, sweat, and the inevitable fog that ends up on your lenses when you transition from outdoors to indoors.

But there is an easy remedy! Just keep a microfibre cloth handy and polish those lenses every time they get some dirt or debris on them.

Tip: Keep a few cloths in places where you’re likely to need them most such as in the car, your purse, your beach bag, or your wallet.


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At Market Mall Optometry, our team is committed to keeping your vision safe and healthy all year round! From comprehensive children/adult eye exams and eye emergency care to trendy eyeglasses, we have everything you need to fulfil the eye needs of your entire family.

To find out more about how our optometrists can help keep your vision safe, clear, and comfortable this summer season, contact our Calgary eye clinic at 403-286-4884 or book an eye exam today.

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