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5 Tell-Tale Signs You Need Cataract Surgery

Are you experiencing blurry vision or light sensitivity? Here are 5 signs it might be time for cataract surgery.

As we age, our bodies and our eyes undergo a variety of changes. One of these changes is cataracts: when healthy, clear eye lenses become cloudy, resulting in reduced and blurred vision.

While the majority of individuals who suffer from cataracts are over the age of 60, you should make regular visits to your eye clinic if you have:

  • diabetes
  • suffered an eye injury or trauma
  • congenital anomaly
  • other eye disorders such as glaucoma

Comprehensive Cataract Management Services at our Calgary Eye Clinic

At our Calgary eye clinic, our accredited optometrists are qualified and experienced in the diagnosis and management of cataracts. We use comprehensive eye exams to check your ocular health and examine your lens carefully for any signs of cataract formation.

The services at our eye clinic also include cataract management, such as pre and post-cataract surgery care, ensuring your vision remains clear, strong, and comfortable.

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Calgary Cataract Management


5 Signs It Might Be Time For Cataract Surgery

Cataracts often affect people as they age, but in the early stages, they do not cause blurred vision, or otherwise prevent people from leading active lives. In such cases, cataract surgery may be unnecessary.

But what about when cataracts make day-to-day life difficult?

Here are 5 signs that cataract surgery could be on the horizon:

  1. Light sensitivity. This is a common symptom of cataracts, and it can also be incredibly painful and dangerous. If you are experiencing sensitivity to the glare of bright lights, then you should schedule an appointment at your local eye clinic immediately so that your doctor can make an early diagnosis, before vision changes become too advanced.
  2. Cloudy or blurry vision. Do you find yourself constantly cleaning your glasses, or rubbing your eyes in an effort to clear your vision? This is a strong sign that your cataracts are getting worse. You know it’s time for cataract surgery when the world seems increasingly cloudy, blurry, or dim.
  3. Yellow Tint. As your eye’s lens grows duller, your cataracts can darken, causing a yellow or brownish tint to develop. This darkening can make it difficult to distinguish colours, perceive fine details, or even read.
  4. Double vision. The clouding of your lens that results from cataracts can lead you to have double vision (seeing two or more images of a single object). If this is preventing you from living a comfortable life or performing daily duties, then you should visit your optometrist.
  5. Frequent prescription changes. If you frequently need an eyeglass or prescription upgrade, chances are you have cataracts. Buying a stronger pair of reading glasses from a drugstore won’t help: if your vision is changing rapidly, it’s time to book an appointment at your eye clinic.


5 Tips For Preventing Cataracts

While it remains inconclusive whether or not you can prevent cataracts, there are strategies that can help reduce your risk factors and maintain overall eye health, such as:

  1. Visiting your eye clinic regularly. This will allow your optometrist to check for early signs of cataracts and other eye conditions such as AMD. Remember: early detection will save your sight.
  2. Eating a diet rich in nutrients. Eating foods high in antioxidants, such as beta-carotene and vitamins C and E may help ward off cataract development.
  3. Quitting smoking. Smoking doubles your chances of developing cataracts, so its best to kick the habit now. Or better yet, don’t start.
  4. Wearing sunglasses. Sunlight exposure has been shown to increase your risk of developing cataracts, so make sure to wear a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses whenever you’re outside in the sun.
  5. Cutting back on alcohol. Just like cigarettes, excess alcohol consumption can increase your chances of developing cataracts, so try to enjoy your cocktails in moderation.


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