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6 Makeup Tips For Eyeglass-Wearers

Are you tired of getting makeup on your eyeglasses or contact lenses? Here are six simple makeup tips you should follow. 

6 Simple Makeup Tips For Women Who Wear Eyeglasses

Makeup can be a blessing for hiding blemishes and enhancing your features, but it brings with it some unavoidable problems if you wear eyeglasses all day. If you’re fed up of makeup ruining your glasses, or vice versa, here are some simple and easy tips.

1. Use An Eyelash Curler

We all want long and fluttering eyelashes, but when you wear eyeglasses, these can be a nightmare as they constantly hit off your glasses lenses every time you blink. The simplest solution, in this case, is to use an eyelash curler.

Curling your eyelashes will point the tips away from your lenses and stop them from brushing against your glasses every time you blink. Feel like eyelash curling is too daunting? This tutorial provides an easy-to-follow example. 


2. Make Sure To Blot

Do you constantly find that your foundation comes off on your glasses? You’re not alone! Eyeglasses tend to rub away the foundation that has been applied to the bridge of the nose and cheeks and can leave you with smudged frames and unwanted red patches. The best way to combat this? Remove any excess foundation by lightly running a damp makeup sponge over the bridge of your nose and along your upper cheeks.

Tip: Don’t forget to finish off the look by dusting some setting powder over your face to ensure your makeup stays perfectly in place all day long!


3. Invest In A Good Concealer

While you might believe that eyeglasses help hide those dark circles under your eyes, in actuality, the lenses you wear could magnify them and make them look more obvious instead. The solution? Invest in a quality, heavy-duty concealer that will instantly brighten up that area with illuminating pigments.

A Good Concealer:

  • hides imperfections such as blemishes or scars;
  • reduces the signs of ageing;
  • alleviates dark circles under your eyes;
  • improves skin tone.


4. Complement Thick Frames With Bold Lipstick

One of the key rules to any great makeup look is balance, so if you have thick, statement frames, remember to keep your eyeshadow neutral and balance out your eyeglasses with some equally bold lipstick.

This will help you avoid a ‘top heavy’ effect on your face. Some of the colours you might want to consider include:

  • corals
  • punchy pinks
  • traditional bright red 


5. Groom Your Brows 

Your eyebrows are one of your most important features and frame your face, so it’s crucial that they don’t get lost behind your eyeglasses! Remember to always keep your brows trimmed and well-groomed for a polished, clean look.

How to emphasize the look of your eyebrows: Using an eyebrow pencil or powder and a thin brush, lightly fill in sparse eyebrows using dash-like strokes, making sure to follow the natural arch of your brow.


6. Choose The Right Mascara

One of the best things about wearing eyeglasses is that it doesn’t mean you have to change your entire makeup routine. Sometimes, all you need is a small tweak to make wearing makeup more comfortable with your glasses.

Try Waterproof Mascara

If you’re having trouble with your eyelashes flaking or sticking to your lenses, simply swap out regular mascara with a water-proof or dry formula, and you’ll notice a dramatic, instant improvement!


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