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6 Simple At-Home Eye Exercises to Alleviate Eye Strain

Looking after your eye health is more important than ever during this time of COVID-19. While our NW Calgary optometrists are still providing eye emergency care by appointment only during this pandemic, there are some exercises you can perform at home to keep your vision sharp and your eyes healthy.

Clear vision is important to enjoying a high quality of life, and it can also help you perform better at home, work, or school. That’s why it’s so important to take the necessary steps to make sure you keep your vision sharp and your eyes healthy.

To ensure optimal eye health, you should:

  • Have a healthy and balanced diet
  • Perform daily eye exercises
  • Quit harmful habits, such as smoking
  • Commit to regular exercise
  • Wear sunglasses when you’re outside
  • Wear blue light-blocking lenses to prevent digital eye strain

Our NW Calgary Eye Doctors Are Providing Emergency Eye Care During COVID-19

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have temporarily closed our eye clinics. However, our Calgary eye doctors are still available to provide emergency eye care by appointment only. We are also providing our patients with telehealth services, including delivery of contact lenses, eye drops, and other eyecare essentials.


6 Useful Eye Exercises to Alleviate Digital Eye Strain

Eye strain is a symptom of prolonged visual activities, and many people experience this when they spend a long time on digital devices, including computer screens and mobile devices. Our eyes do a lot of work for us every day, so you must keep them healthy.

Here are some of the best exercises you can do to alleviate digital eye strain:

1. Do The Eye Roll

The eye roll is a great exercise for alleviating any eye strain. Just like lifting weights builds your body’s muscles, this exercise will strengthen your eyes. To do this exercise, you must:

  • Sit up straight and look forward with your shoulders relaxed
  • Look to your right, then roll your eyes up toward the sky
  • Next, roll your eyes down to the left, and then to the ground
  • Repeat this again, going in the opposite direction
  • Aim for 10 reps at least twice a day

Tip: Take your time with the eye rolls. It should take you about one minute to complete 10 reps.

2. The Palm

This is a great and simple exercise to keep your eyes healthy. It also helps relax your eyes when they feel tired or strained.

  • Start by cupping your hands over your closed eyes
  • Stare into the far back of the dark space
  • You will notice that the residual hues in your vision will turn black

Tip: Do this exercise for a minimum of 30 seconds. It serves as a great reset button for your vision and will rejuvenate your tired eyes.

3. Zooming

Zooming is a great eye exercise for anyone who uses digital devices all day. To do this, sit straight up in your chair, then:

  • Hold your arm out in front of you, keeping your thumb up
  • Keep your eyes on your thumb and slowly bend your elbow, bringing your thumb closer to your eyes
  • Move your thumb away again until your arm is fully outstretched
  • Repeat this exercise three more times

Alternative: You can also practice this exercise by holding a pencil in front of you at arm’s length. Then, move your arm slowly to your nose. Follow the pencil with your eyes until you can’t focus on it any longer.

4. Figure Eights

This is a great exercise to practice controlling the physical movement of your eyes. Imagine a giant figure eight on the floor, about 10 feet in front of you. Trace the figure eight with your eyes slowly. Trace it one way for a few seconds, and then the other way for a few seconds.

5. Do a Slow Blink

One of the negative side effects of staring at digital devices all day is that we blink less frequently. Blinking is very important because it keeps our eyes properly lubricated. To perform this exercise:

  • Look straight ahead of you at a blank wall
  • Slowly close your eyes and keep them closed for half a second
  • Slowly open them again
  • Repeat this slow blink 20 times in a row

Not only will this exercise support the health of your eyes, but it’s also a wonderful way to refresh tired, itchy, or dry eyes.

6. The Eye Press

Just like palming, this eye exercise uses your hands to relax your eyes. Remember to wash your hands thoroughly before performing any of these exercises!

  • Close your eyes and inhale deeply
  • Put all your fingers on your eyelids and press lightly
  • Make sure to use a bit of gentle pressure on your eyes and hold them for about 10 seconds
  • Slowly let go of your eyes. Keep them open for a couple of seconds as your vision comes back into focus
  • You can blink to help reorient your eyes
  • Try to repeat this 10 times for maximum relief

Have an Eye Emergency? Our NW Calgary Eye Doctors Are Offering Emergency Eye Care By Appointment Only

At our Calgary eye clinic, we are committed to protecting your family’s vision through thick and thin. While our Calgary clinics are temporarily closed, our eye doctors are still providing eye emergency care services by appointment only.

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