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Calgary Children's Eye Exams

Maintaining healthy vision throughout life requires routine checkups with an optometrist, starting at an early age.

You might be surprised to learn that your child doesn’t have to know how to read the alphabet in order to get an eye exam. In place of letters and numbers, optometrists use LEA symbols, which include objects and shapes that children recognize: apples, circle, square, house and cars.

Another common eye test we use specifically for your young child is the retinoscopy, which will determine which eyeglass prescription they need, if any. 

Your child’s eyes work together as a team, and to measure how optimal this function is performing, we conduct the random dot stereopsis. The test uses patterns of dots and the aid of 3D glasses to determine how well both eyes work with one another.

Other common vision problems we test for in young children include:

  • Amblyopia (lazy eye)
  • Strabismus (misalignment of eyes)
  • Ability for eyes to focus and depth perception
  • Convergence insufficiency (ability to read comfortably)
  • Nearsightedness
  • Farsightedness
  • Astigmatism

Having your child visit an optometrist early in life will help them become more confident and comfortable for long-term appointments and ensure they enjoy healthy vision throughout life. To schedule an appointment or to find out more about our optometry services offered in Calgary, contact Market Mall Optometry today at 403-286-4884.

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