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Eye Opening Apps That Help the World See

Imagine an app that allows millions of people to literally see the world. As fun as dating, games, and fantasy football apps are, it’s time to give those apps a break and really harness the power of technology to help the developing world. Read the following blog to find out about the Portable Eye Examination Kit (Peek).

The Peek app allows a person to take a high-resolution photo/video scan of a patient’s eye and then saves the data on a smartphone. The app uses separate hardware that has capabilities to take a thorough examination of the eye and easily connects to a smartphone. The scans collected by the app are then emailed to an optometrist anywhere in the world. After the doctor examines the tests, they can provide both a diagnosis and treatment plan. For example, a surgical procedure is diagnosed for a person in Kenya that has vision impairment. A health-care worker or a person with traveling capabilities is deployed to the patient’s home and then brings them to a clinic or hospital for surgery.

The World Health Organization reports that about 285 million people in the world have vision impairment. 90% of them reside in developing countries and 80% of vision problems can be cured. Sadly, millions of people can’t afford to travel to the hospital in the first place for an examination. Essentially, the Peek app brings the eye test to a patient’s front door and when they are armed with a diagnosis, they can concentrate their energies on receiving treatment. This is the goal for the app; it’s about using technology as a means to increase the access and ability for millions of people to receive eye care.

The Peek app is elevating the way people connect with one another and utilizes that connection by:

  • Identifying people with vision impairment
  • Allowing anyone to take a high resolution photo/video of an eye
  • Use communications to send eye scans to doctors thousands of miles away
  • Navigate with Google Map to find volunteers or health-works to help patients reach hospitals

What Peek is attempting to achieve is also a reminder for Canadians to appreciate the health resources we have available every day. 

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