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Finding The Right Frames To Suit Your Appearance

By now, you’ve probably seen numerous guides for choosing glasses based on your face shape. However, this is just one facet of finding glasses that truly suit your style, and make you look and feel great.

Why You Shouldn’t Rely ONLY On Face Shape When Choosing Glasses

It's easy enough to select a pair of frames based on a diagram that tells you which geometric shape your face has the most in common with it. We'll be honest: it's a great place to start, especially for those who are entirely new to glasses, because it saves you the trouble of sorting through a wide range of unflattering options. At the same time, face shape is not the be-all end-all of eyeglasses fitting for three key reasons.

4 Reasons You Need More Than Face Shape To Find The Perfect Frames

  • Most of the advice out there assumes you want a “balanced” look, and doesn’t take into account that you may actually want to accentuate features like sharp cheekbones or a youthful, rounded face.
  • Face shape doesn't take your features into account.
    • Different shapes and hues of glasses can look dramatically different depending on hair colour.
    • Face shape analysis doesn't take into account your own unique features, such as bold eyebrows or a distinctive nose, which you may want to accentuate or balance, depending on your preference. 
  • Most advice doesn’t take into account how your haircut can alter or mask your face shape.
  • Most advice doesn’t take into account age and personal style.


What To Pay Attention To When Selecting Frames At Your NW Calgary Eye Appointment

1. Your Haircut Or Facial Hair

If you’re looking for glasses, it’s important to take into account not just your face shape, but your hairstyle. For ladies, your haircut can impact your face shape if you wear it down, and same goes for gents with longer styles. For example, bangs or a beard might already be shortening a longer face, or square features might already be balanced by soft curls. In these cases, you might be perfectly able to rock frames that typically are seen as a “no-no” for your face shape.

Similarly, the colour of your hair can impact which glasses look best. You can choose frames that match your hair colour for a neutral look, or branch out. 


2. The Boldness Of Your Style

Do you want your glasses to stand out, or blend into your look?  Frame thickness and colour both play a role here. For example, narrow metal rectangle frames look incredibly different from thick acetate glasses in the same shape. 

If you’re ready to step out in a bold look, consider thick acetate frames or oversized metal ones. For a look that “blends in”, opt for neutral colours and a more subdued frame thickness.


3. How You Like To Accessorize

Glasses, while they’re medically required, add to your outfit in the way that an accessory does. When selecting glasses, determine how they fit in with the rest of your accessories. If you’re fond of accessories like earrings, short necklaces, brooches, or pins, or love a good hat, consider whether your frame compliments them or compete for attention.

Additionally, if you select glasses with metal accents or embellishments, and you also favour any kind of hardware (be it earrings, studs, buckles, accents on purses, or more), match the metals to create a cohesive look without even trying. Fans of silver hardware should choose glasses with grey, titanium, or pewter accents. If you tend to pile on the gold and bronze hues, try to opt for glasses with similarly warm metals. 


4. Your Age Group

Many individuals are concerned with whether their glasses are either too mature or too youthful for their features. The great news about glasses is they’re a truly ageless accessory! It's true that many eyeglass adverts feature younger individuals, so we usually recommend older individuals seeking eyeglass inspiration to look to style icons in their age group for eyeglass inspiration. 

For those with white or silver hair, frames in bold colours can provide eye-catching contrast: reds, deep greens, and other jewel tones are flattering for men and women alike. If you’re looking for a neutral look, a grey, white, or black frame looks crisp and stylish.


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Dr. Jivraj, in addition to working as an accomplished eye doctor, has a great deal of experience with eyeglass shape and colours. She designed her own line of glasses, Zain Reads, based on her own experiences finding too few frame options for those with petite faces. If you'd like to have a frame fitting at your next NW Calgary eye exam, give us a call at 403-286-4884 or message us online

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