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How to Prepare Your Child For a Visit to the Optometrist

Is it time for your child to visit the eye doctor? While this can be a stressful time, here are 7 simple tips to follow to make the appointment as enjoyable as possible for everyone.

Clear vision is very important to a child’s personal and educational development, which is why visits to the kid’s eye doctor should start early in life. In fact, regular eye exams for your child will help your optometrist to:

  • Detect any visual problems (eg. farsightedness or nearsightedness)
  • Diagnose, manage, or treat any eye health conditions early on
  • Determine if your child requires corrective eyeglasses or contact lenses
  • Ensure your child’s vision is developing normally

Qualified and Friendly Kids Eye Doctors in Calgary

At Market Mall Optometry, our professional kids eye doctors provide a wide range of vision services for your children, including eye exams, emergency eye care, and contact lens fittings, to ensure your child’s vision always remains healthy and clear.

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7 Tips to Prepare Your Kid For a Visit to the Eye Doctor

For young children, a visit to the eye doctor doesn’t have to be a scary experience! Taking the time to prepare your child for the appointment can make all the difference. With the right preparation, this appointment can be a fun and exciting experience.

Here are 7 tips to help you get your kid ready for a visit to the eye doctor:

  1. Do your research. When looking for an eye doctor for your family, always check out the practice before taking your child for an appointment. Check to see if it’s kid-friendly, if the eye doctors seem pleasant and professional, and what their inventory of children’s eyewear is like. When it comes to your child, a little pre-work is always a good idea.

  2. Explain what will happen. Before taking your child for the appointment, explain to them what to expect. Let them know that they will look at pictures, shapes, or letters, and be asked the name of each object. You can even play up the fun aspects of the office as well.

  3. Give them a virtual tour if you can. Many eye clinics today have websites with online videos and images of the clinic, and showing these to your little one before the appointment can ease their nerves.

  1. Bring your list of questions. Before you take your child in for their eye exam, be sure to write down a list of everything you’ve noticed, or are concerned about regarding your child’s vision, such as headaches, squinting, or other signs. This will help your eye doctor know what to look for.

  1. Always give your child options. Did you know that if you let your child choose their own eyeglasses, they’re more likely to wear them? Why not pre-select a range of styles you are comfortable with and let your child pick one?

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  1. Stay calm. If you don’t like the choice of eyeglasses your child has made, try to offer additional choices. Don’t get upset or frustrated, because if your child senses that, they will react in a similar way. Always try to keep the process as fun and relaxed as possible.

  1. Explain what the doctor said. To make sure your child understands what has happened during the appointment, and their role in protecting their vision, talk to them about the doctor’s orders and show them how to clean their lenses or care for their contacts.


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