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Narrow Down Glasses Choices At Your Calgary Children's Eye Exam

At your next Calgary childrens' eye appointment, find the right eyeglasses for your child with these optometrist-approved tips. 

Finding the right glasses for your son or daughter after their children’s eye exam in Calgary can be a momentous task.

Not only do you have to worry about whether they will remember to wear or take care of their glasses; address concerns some kids may have about being teased; and worry about whether they’ll grow out of their new frames to quickly, you have to ensure that the pair they pick is one that they love and that will stand up to their day-to-day activities.

Fortunately, our team has a straightforward guide to choosing eyeglasses to fit your child.

Step 1: Narrow Down The Choices For Your Kid

If you’ve ever had your little one have their heart set on a pair of frames only to find they’re too big or small, browse the selection of your glasses while your child is getting their children’s eye exam. (If your child is very young, bringing another family member or helper may be beneficial.)

Narrowing down the choices will ensure that your child will only try on frames in the correct size and materials. Once you’ve selected suitable glasses, bring the glasses to your little one and have them try the eyeglasses.

While browsing, pay attention to:

  • Materials
  • Fit
  • Lenses


Step 2: Get The Sizing Right

Kids often have delicate features and different proportions than adults, so it’s important to ensure the fit is just right.

The eye should sit in the middle of the frame, horizontally.

  • The earpieces/temple arms should not be too long for the child.
  • The arms should be snug, but not too tight.
  • The glasses should not move when your child looks up or down.
  • The bottom of the frame should not touch the child’s cheek.

When you find a frame that fits right, take note of the sizing on the inside of the temple arms. These denote the frame width, nose bridge width, and arm length, and can help you find the right size in the future.


Step 3: Select The Right Frame Materials

Often, we think of frames as either “metal” or “plastic”, however, there is a huge array of options within these categories.

Metal Frames

Metal frames come in a variety of alloys, as well as titanium. If your child is sensitive to nickel, it is a good idea to ensure any alloy frames you are considering are nickel-free.

Titanium frames are ideal for many kids:

  • When it comes to titanium frames, “pure titanium” frames (98% titanium), are strong and lightweight, ideal for kids with high-index prescriptions.
  • However, if your little one is prone to dropping or damaging their glasses, a titanium alloy frame might be the perfect choice. It offers the perfect blend of strength and flexibility, and can be bent back into shape if it is accidentally dropped.
  • Titanium frames are also perfect for little ones who like bright colours: it holds onto paint better than many other alloys.

Plastic Frames

Like metal frames, plastic comes in a variety of colours and weights. Acetate is one of the strongest and best-looking options, so we’d recommend this option.


  • Plastic frames aren’t prone to bending, but they can be snapped if dropped or damaged with enough force.
  • Plastic frames stay rich and colourful, and are a great option for children who like inventive mixes of colour.


Step 4: Select Lenses

After your child's Calgary kids' eye exam is over, your optometrist may provide you with an eye update. Allow your child to sort through the glasses you've set aside for them to try on. When they select a pair, ask the clinic's staff about lens options.

Polycarbonate lenses are tough, durable, and lightweight, perfect for active kids.

We also recommend that parents consider invest in the right lens coatings. This will prolong the life of your child’s glasses, as well as protect your eyesight. UV protection coatings, scratch-proof coatings, and a blue light coating will protect your kids’ eyes in addition to correcting their eyesight.


Glasses Hacks For Kids

Glasses Tips To Keep In Mind For Children

  • Slip-resistant earpiece sleeves, or simple elastic bands wrapped around the earpiece, can stop glasses from sliding around. This is especially beneficial for kids who are active even when they’re not playing sports.
  • Keep multiple glasses cases on hand so your child will never lose or damage their frames because a case wasn’t available.
  • Place glasses cases at home, in their backpack, and in their school desk or gym locker.
  • The same goes for glasses spray and cleaning cloths.
  • Glasses wax or stick-on nose pads can help kids with acetate frames attain a slip-free fit.
  • When it comes to kids’ eyeglasses, don’t feel obligated to stick to designer or brand name frames. If the frame is well-made and sturdy, it will do the trick. Plus, it will be less expensive to replace if damaged or if your little one grows out of their frames quickly.

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