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Recovering From LASIK Eye Surgery: What To Expect

Recovering From LASIK Eye Surgery: What To Expect

LASIK eye surgery is a very safe procedure with great results. The recovery time is not long, especially when patients properly follow the optometrist’s post-surgery instructions. LASIK surgery is typically completed in 30 minutes or less and is relatively painless. Recovery from LASIK will take between 1 to 5 days for the majority of healing, but there may be some blurred vision that lasts longer and requires more time to heal. Certain precautions should also be taken so as not to irritate the eyes following surgery. For those considering LASIK, here is what you need to know for recovery after your surgery.

Healing From LASIK Eye Surgery

The LASIK eye surgery recovery period may vary for different patients. Your period of recovery will depend on factors such as your prescription before LASIK surgery, which technology was used for your LASIK surgery, and your body’s natural reaction to the LASIK surgery. Most healing from LASIK is relatively quick when patients follow post-procedure doctor recommendations. Here is what you can expect during recovery from LASIK.

Immediately After LASIK Eye Surgery. You may feel some discomfort, including itching and burning, grittiness in the eyes, and watery eyes. It is important not to rub your eyes if you feel these. You will have blurred vision immediately post surgery lasting approximately 4 hours; because of this, those receiving LASIK will need to be driven home after their surgery. Once home, avoid watching TV or reading, as it will strain the eyes too much. You should take the day off of work or school so you don’t strain your eyes and so you can get rest after your LASIK eye surgery to allow your body time to sleep and heal.  You can expect to have blurred vision after LASIK from between 24 hours and 5 days. Occasional moments of blurred vision may also occur for several weeks after surgery.

The Week Following LASIK Eye Surgery. You may be prescribed antibiotic and steroid eye drops to use for about one week after surgery. Your surgeon will likely recommend you refrain from swimming pools and hot tubs, eye makeup, lotions and creams, dusty or dirty areas, and touching and rubbing your eyes to avoid infection. Wear a protective eye shield and/or sunglasses as recommended by your doctor. You should also avoid strenuous physical activity or contact sports for two weeks after surgery. It can take between 3 to 6 months for vision to fully stabilize, but your eyes should be healed by this 6 month mark. Make sure to go back for your follow up appointments so the optometrist can monitor your progress and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Consult With Market Mall Optometry In Calgary To Determine If LASIK Eye Surgery Is Right For You

If you’re interested in getting LASIK, you will need to consult with an optometrist first. If your eyes are still changing, you may not be a candidate for LASIK. This candidacy can be determined with a consultation at Market Mall Optometry in Calgary, where our professional staff can either recommend you for the surgery, or we can discuss other possible options. If you are interested in receiving a referral for LASIK eye surgery from Calgary’s choice optometrist clinic, call Market Mall Optometry in Calgary at 1-403-286-4884 or fill out the contact form. Once our optometrists assess if you are a qualified candidate for LASIK eye surgery, we will explain the benefits and risks and detail the process for you.


Q: How do you determine if I am a candidate for laser eye surgery?
A: At Market Mall Optometry, we are able to help you determine your candidacy through a comprehensive eye exam, a laser surgery consultation, and a pre-surgery consultation for additional measurements of your eyes. If you are interested in a consultation, you can book that here.

Q: What are factors affecting laser eye surgery candidacy?
A: Factors affecting laser eye surgery candidacy include age, pregnancy, uncontrolled diabetes, autoimmune diseases, and long-term eye conditions such as keratoconus and glaucoma. If we determine that you are not an ideal candidate for laser eye surgery, our optometrists will discuss alternative corrective solutions to keep your vision clear and comfortable.

Q: What are the benefits from LASIK eye surgery?
A: LASIK can create 20/20 vision in patients with low to moderate levels of myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. It can also improve vision in those with high levels of vision impairment, although it may not improve vision to the point where lenses are no longer required. If you have severe myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism, consult with our Calgary eye doctors about your vision options.

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