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Say Goodbye to Dry Eyes

Suffering from dry eyes? Our Calgary eye doctors provide comprehensive dry eye care to help restore the comfort of your vision.

Dry eye syndrome is a common condition that occurs when the eyes don’t make enough tears or the tears evaporate too quickly. While the symptoms are mild in most people, in more severe cases it can be painful and lead to complications including:

  • Dry or sore eyes
  • Burning sensation
  • Red eyes
  • Blurred vision

At Market Mall Optometry, our Calgary eye doctors can provide comprehensive eye exams and dry eye care to help detect and relieve the symptoms of this eye condition, restoring the health and comfort to your vision as soon as possible.


What Are the Different Dry Eye Care Treatments?

If you are suffering from dry eye, it’s important to book an eye exam with your local Calgary eye doctor so they can help determine the cause and severity of your condition and provide the appropriate treatment.

There are a number of dry eye care treatments available including:

Artificial Tears

For milder cases of dry eye caused by activities such as reading or computer use, the best dry eye treatment may be daily use of artificial tears. These over-the-counter drops are available in a wide variety of ingredients and viscosity (degree of lubrication).

Prescription Eye Drops

In certain cases, your eye doctor may recommend using prescription eye drops such as Restasis instead of over-the-counter artificial tears for your dry eye treatment. Unlike artificial tears, prescription eye drops work to reduce any inflammation in addition to lubricating your eyes to keep them healthy and comfortable.

Punctal Plugs

Punctal plugs are a safe and effective dry eye treatment as they help tears remain on the surface of the eye for longer periods of time. This sterile device is inserted into the opening of your tear-drainage ducts so that tears can no longer drain away through them.

This keeps your eyes moist and relieves any redness or irritation from dry eye syndrome.

Can I Still Wear Contact Lenses if I Have Dry Eyes?

Dry eye syndrome is a common problem for both contact lens wearers and non-wearers but the good news is, it doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to your lenses! A qualified eye doctor can help you find a contact lens and treatment plan that works for you so you don’t have to suffer from any dryness or discomfort while wearing your lenses.

There are three main factors to take into consideration when selecting the right contact lens:

  • Soft contact lenses tend to be better for patients with dry eye syndrome compared to RGPs (rigid gas permeable lenses.) This is because they are made from special polymers that allow them to hold water for longer.

  • The water content of the contact lens shouldn’t be too low or high for wearers with dry eye. Your eye doctor may suggest a water content of 38% as this will allow your eyes to breathe without drying them out.

  • Talk to your eye doctor about silicone hydrogel contact lenses as they tend to be one of the best options for patients with dry eye syndrome.


Home Remedies for Dry Eye Syndrome

Apart from the dry-eye treatments recommended by your eye doctor, there are several things you can do at home to relieve the symptoms of this condition including:

  • Blinking more frequently
  • Using warm compresses over your eyelids
  • Cleaning your eyelids at night with a mild cleanser such as diluted baby shampoo
  • Removing any eye makeup thoroughly
  • Taking frequent breaks during computer use
  • Wearing quality sunglasses when outdoors

Drinking more water and following a nutritious diet has also been found to improve the health of your vision and alleviate any of the discomfort associated with dry eye.

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To learn more about our dry eye care services or to find out which contact lens is right for you, contact our Calgary eye doctors today at 403-286-4884.

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