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The Fundus Camera

At Market Mall Optometry in Calgary, if you notice a machine that looks like it’s from a sci-fi movie, you’re most likely looking at the fundus camera. Our optometrists use this highly technical camera to take detailed photos of your eyes during a comprehensive eye exam and then interpret the results to ensure you maintain healthy vision.

On one end of your eyes, you have the lens and on the opposite end, you have the fundus.

The fundus includes several parts located within the interior of your eyes, including:

  • retina
  • optic disc
  • macula
  • fovea
  • posterior pole

The fundus camera takes an in-depth photo of this region. This camera is essentially a low-powered microscope with camera capabilities.

Photos taken by the device are very complex.The photos are vital tools that we uses to diagnose diseases or vision problems found in your eyes. Using the device, optometrists can ensure you maintain healthy vision. It’s important to remember that the majority of vision problems can be treated when diagnosed early.

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