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The Scary Truth About Non Prescription Cosmetic Contact Lenses

With Halloween just around the corner you are likely putting the finishing touches on your costume. You want everything to look spooky and authentic, from the costume to the accessories to the makeup. But the final touch? Those spooky contact lenses you bought from that online costume shop.

Unfortunately, those contact lenses are scarier than you think. If you didn’t get them from a registered optometrist with a prescription you risk causing serious and permanent damage including infections, corneal ulcers, corneal abrasion, allergic reactions and even blindness. Though the same risks apply to ordinary prescription lenses the rate of complications arising from the use of cosmetic contact lenses is 12.5 times higher. This is because when your optometrist issues you a prescription for contact lenses they have carefully measured your eyes and ensured that the curvature of the contacts matches the curvature of your eye. Ill-fitted contacts can scratch your corneas, or even stick to your eyes.

Luckily Canada passed a law that came into effect in 2013 that classes cosmetic contact lenses as Class 2 Medical Devices, the same as corrective contact lenses. Though the United States, the United Kingdom and Japan all have similar laws, not all countries do.

Eye specialists across Canada continually emphasize that there is no such thing as a safe "one size fits all" contact lens, since all eyes have slightly different curvatures.

So if you are looking for cosmetic contact lenses to add to your costume this Halloween book an appointment with your optometrist today. Market Mall Optometry conducts comprehensive eye exams that allow us to evaluate whether your eyes are suitable for contact lenses and to ensure your contact lenses fit correctly. Call us today to book your appointment and visit for more information.

If you have used non-prescription contact lenses and are experiencing any pain call us immediately at 403.286.4884 for emergency treatment.

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