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What Happens During A Visit To The Optometrist?

For many of us, visiting our optometrist for scheduled eye exams is part of our annual health routine. However, there are many people in Calgary that have never seen an optometrist and have no idea what to expect during an appointment. 

The eye exam process consists of a series of tests that range from simple to more complex. With the use of state-of-the-art equipment and specialized instruments, your optometrist can examine every function of your eyes to verify visual ability and overall ocular health. Learn about Market Mall Optometry’s entire eye exam process to alleviate your pre-appointment anxiety.
Prior to Your Appointment
Like everything else, do your research; check out reviews on Calgary Optometrists or ask your friends and family for recommendations. Once you’ve found a highly rated eye doctor:

  • start a list of questions to ask your optometrist, including any issues you’re experiencing. 
  • list any pertinent family medical history, allergies and all medications that you’re on. 
  • bring your eyeglasses or contacts prescription with you so your doctor can analyze them. 
  • inquire about which eye tests that you’ll undergo so you’re prepared.
  • plan your day accordingly, keeping in mind your appointment should last approximately 60 minutes.

During Your Eye Exam

Like most doctors’ appointments, you have to fill out some paper work. Once you meet with your Optometrist, you’ll discuss family history, your personal health and any symptoms you’re suffering from. Then your exam will commence and generally include the following:

  • Vision Test: Your optometrist will use an eye chart to perform a series of eye tests to analyze your short & long distance vision, your peripheral vision and your ability to see colour.   
  • Eye Movement: Your Eye Doctor will ask you to follow a spot on the wall to ensure that your eyes are aligned properly.
  • Eye Cover Test: Your Optometrist will cover one eye at a time to verify that your eyes are working as a cohesive unit.
  • Tonometry Test: (AKA an Air Puff Test) Your Eye Doctor will blow a small puff of air into your eye to test for Glaucoma. Don’t worry it’s quick and painless! 
  • Dilation Test: Your Optometrist may put a couple eye drops into your eyes that will fully dilate your pupils. This allows your eye doctor to look into your eyes and ensure everything is healthy. 

After Your Eye Exam:

Make sure that all of your questions have been answered and your next routine appointment is scheduled. Also verify that you have:

  • a copy of your eyeglass or contact prescription.
  • any medicine instructions.
  • an understanding of where you can fill your prescription.

Just like going to the dentist or for your annual physical, regular eye exams are an important part of your overall wellness regimen.

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