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What Your Eyes Can Reveal About Your Health

We all know that people can communicate with their eyes, whether it’s demonstrating interest in a friendly conversation, showing disgust by rolling our eyes or sadness by crying. But did you know that your eyes could also expose some hidden health problems as well? Market Mall Optometry located in NW Calgary wanted to explain the importance of regular eye check ups and how they can affect your overall health.

One ailment that your eyes can divulge about you is your mental health status. Calgary optometrists now have advanced technology that can track eye movement and patterns to detect visual discrepancies that are commonly associated with mental illnesses. 

Your eyes also have the capability of detecting brain tumours. During an eye exam, your Calgary optometrist will check for blurred vision, irregular pupil dilation and the colour of your optic nerve. If these symptoms are present, you will most likely be referred to a specialist.

Your eyes can reveal if you are at risk for diabetes. Your Calgary optometrist will observe changes to blood vessels in your eyes as well as retinal vascular changes. With this illness continuing to grow within our population, it is wise to ensure you’re not as risk with every method possible. 

Lastly, an eye check up with your Calgary optometrist can disclose if you have melanoma. Melanoma is typically found on the skin, but you can also develop it in your eyes.  Eyes are vulnerable to sun damage, freckles and skin cancer just like our epidermis. Your eye doctor will look for changes in your eye colour and eye pattern to determine if your eyes are at risk for melanoma. 

A recent American study found that 70% of adults endure eyestrain caused by mobile devices, smartphones and computers. If you fall into this category, you should rest your eyes once every hour by taking your eyes off these screens for a few minutes. The study also found that even if you don’t suffer from eye problems, it is still highly recommended to visit your Calgary optometrist several times within your 20s and definitely in your 30s. Our eyes are still susceptible to numerous diseases and going to a Calgary eye clinic can determine if you’re affected.

As you can see, it is very important to maintain thorough eye exams throughout our lives even if you have excellent vision and your eyes feel perfectly healthy. Early detection of any health problem is key. If you have any eye care questions or need to schedule a routine eye check up in Calgary, call Market Mall Optometry located in NW Calgary today at 403.286.4884

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