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3 Common Problems With New Eyeglasses & How to Fix Them

Are your eyeglasses feeling a little heavy or uncomfortable? Here are 3 common problems with new glasses and how our eye doctors can help you fix them!

Vision correction, whether it is done by prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses, is very important to allow you to perform better in all aspects of your life. Without it, you will experience many uncomfortable symptoms, including:

  • Eye strain/fatigue
  • Blurry vision
  • Headaches
  • Difficulty performing certain activities (eg, driving, reading or watching TV)
  • Frequent squinting

Comprehensive Eye Exams at Market Mall Optometry

Our Calgary eye doctors can provide a wide range of vision services including eye exams, contact lens fittings and glaucoma testing to check the health of your eyes and ensure the longevity and comfort of your vision.

Are you experiencing eye strain, headaches or any vision discomfort?


3 Problems With New Eye Glasses & How To Fix Them

Your glasses are not just an essential element of your everyday style, they also allow you to see clearly and perform well, whether it’s at school, home or in the office. So when you get a new pair, you want them to fit perfectly.

However, if you have just purchased a new set of eyeglasses, there are certain problems you may face, including:

1. Slipping and Sliding Frames

If your new eyewear is fitted incorrectly, you may find that they are constantly sliding down your nose. This can be very irritating and may impede your daily routine. But don’t worry! You may not require different frames.

To fix the problem, Pearle Vision (next door to us) can:

  • Adjust the screws of the frame
  • Tighten the temples for a better fit
  • Spread the nosepieces to adjust the placement of your frames

DO NOT attempt to fix your eyeglasses at home. Without the proper knowledge and equipment, you run the risk of damaging your spectacles beyond repair, resulting in higher costs.


2. Wrong Prescription

While this is a rare problem, there are times when you may find that your new eyeglasses have the wrong prescription. Signs for this include:

  • Extreme blurriness or lack of focus
  • Poor vision in only one eye when the other is closed
  • Headaches or dizziness caused by excessive eye strain
  • Vertigo or nausea not related to any underlying medical condition
  • Vision discomfort persisting despite waiting out the recommended adjustment period

WHAT TO DO: Visit your local eye doctor as soon as possible so they can check the prescription of your lenses. In most cases, if they have assessed your eyesight incorrectly, you should get the replacement lenses based on the new test. 

Having problems with the prescription of your new eyeglasses? 


3. Unflattering Style

It happens to the best of us - whether you were caught up in the excitement of new eyeglasses, or didn’t take the time to consider your options carefully, you may end up with a pair you don’t love.

Before you invest in new glasses, always check with your provider regarding their exchange, return and warranty policies and remember: DO NOT rush the process of selecting new frames! You wear your eyeglasses daily - you should love the look they give you.


Contact Lenses Vs Eyeglasses

If you are unsure as to whether eyeglasses are the right vision correction product for you, you may want to speak to your eye doctor about contact lenses. They are a safe alternative to spectacles and offer a myriad of benefits, including the fact that they:

  • Are lighter and less obtrusive than glasses
  • Provide you with a wider field of vision and sharper, more direct eyesight
  • Are not affected by the weather, giving you clear vision all year round
  • Make playing sports more comfortable and safer
  • Will not bounce up and down, slip off your nose or pinch your ears
  • Are simple and easy to look after

Contact Lens Fittings at Market Mall Optometry

Whether you wear contact lenses regularly or wish to try them for the first time, our highly qualified optometrists can fit you with the most comfortable lenses, suited to your specific needs.

During a contact lens fitting, we will teach you how to put the lenses in your eye and take them out, as well as advise you on best-care practices to ensure the health of your vision.

To make sure you are really happy with your new contacts, we even provide a FREE TRIAL PAIR.


Learn More

To find out more about our vision correction services, including dry eye care, eye exams and contact lens fittings, contact our Calgary eye doctors at 403-286-4884 or book an eye exam today.

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