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3 Reasons to Fit Your Eyeglasses With Blue Light Blocking Lenses

Is your vision not as clear as it used to be? Are you suffering from constant headaches? Here are some sure-fire signs that it’s time to schedule an eye exam with your Calgary optometrist.

While there is no doubt that technology has brought convenience into our lives, spending too much time on your computer or cellphone can take its toll on your vision. Here’s everything you need to know about fitting your eyeglasses with blue light blocking lenses, and how this can keep your vision clear and comfortable.

Whether working, studying, or relaxing, most of our lives today revolve around looking at a screen. No matter what digital activity you are partaking in, whether it’s sitting in front of your laptop or checking your cellphone, chances are you’re exposing your eyes to considerable amounts of blue light.

This can have harmful effects on your vision and lead to:

  • Eye strain and fatigue
  • An increased risk of developing AMD
  • Blurred vision
  • Constant headaches
  • Retinal injury


Eyeglasses and Blue Light Lenses: Preventing Digital Eye Strain

At eye clinic in Market Mall , we are passionate about protecting our patients’ eye health and clarity of vision. From dry eye care to fitting your eyeglasses with quality blue light lenses, our Calgary optometrists offer comprehensive services to protect your eyes from the harmful effects of blue light.

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3 Main Benefits of Blue Light Blocking Eyeglasses

We live in a digital age and spend the majority of our day in front of a screen, be it a computer or a cell-phone. These devices add a lot of convenience to our lives, but they also emit blue light, and over time, exposure to this artificial light can cause several health concerns, including retinal injury.

One way to combat this stress on your vision is by talking to your optometrist about blue light lenses. These lenses will protect your eyes from digital eye strain and blue light and have many benefits, including:


1. They’ll Reduce Eye Strain and Lead to Clearer Vision

Working on a computer or using your cellphone all day can cause many problems from neck issues and carpal tunnel syndrome, to blurry vision and eye strain. Blue light lenses work to block out the majority of blue light lenses emitted by these screens, reducing eye fatigue and all the symptoms that come with it, including unclear vision, dry eyes, and headaches.


2. They May Help Prevent Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD)

Age related macular degeneration (AMD) occurs when a part of your retina is damaged, causing patients to lose their central vision. While there are several causes of AMD, you are at a higher risk of developing the condition if you’re exposed to blue light for a prolonged period of time. Some of the signs of AMD include:

  • Unusually fuzzy or distorted vision
  • Difficulty seeing color or fine details
  • Straight lines appearing wavy
  • Inability to properly judge distances

If you are exposed to blue light for extended periods of time, then blue light filter glasses can help you lower your risk of developing AMD and protect your retina from damage.

Age Related Macular Degeneration


3. You’ll Enjoy Better Sleep

Exposure to too much blue light in the evening can have a detrimental effect on your circadian rhythms by slowing down or stopping your production of melatonin - the chemical in your brain that tells you it’s time to sleep.

While experts recommend turning off all your devices at least 2 hours before bed, that is not always possible, so to avoid any of the negative side-effects of late night blue light exposure, and to enjoy better sleep, talk to your optometrist about fitting your eyeglasses with blue light lenses.


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