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Eye Conditions: Cataracts

What are cataracts?

This condition occurs when a healthy clear eye lens becomes cloudy and results in blurred vision. Majority of people with cataracts are over the age of 60, though there are cases of children who are born with cataract (congenital cataract).  

What causes cataracts?

The most common cause of cataracts is biological aging.  The eye’s lens protein degrades over time and environmental factors such as UV exposure can speed up the formation of cataracts. Other causes of cataracts includes eye injuries, diseases or genetics.

What are the symptoms for cataracts?

Common symptoms include blurred vision that cannot be adjusted with corrective lenses, or a feeling of having a film covering the eye that does not disappear with blinking. 

How is cataract diagnosed?

A comprehensive eye examination.

How do you treat cataracts?

New lenses can be prescribed to patients with Cataracts (early detections). If glasses cannot improve the patient’s vision, surgical removal of the cataract is required. 

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