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Farsightedness (hyperopia)

What is hyperopia?

Hyperopia, commonly known as farsightedness, is a condition where the eye sees distant objects more clearly than near objects. This is caused by the cornea having less curvature, resulting in difficulty focusing on near object images. 

What are the symptoms of hyperopia?

There are plenty of signs and symptoms of hyperopia, including (but not limited to): difficulty maintaining a clear image of a near object, eyestrains, poor reading ability, headaches etc. 

How is hyperopia diagnosed?

A normal sight test or vision screening is often ineffective.  A comprehensive eye examination is required to assess the condition. 

How to treat hyperopia?

For mild cases, most people with hyperopia do not need treatment as their eyes can adjust on their own.  However as you age and your eyes are becoming less adaptive, reading glasses or contact lenses are often prescribed. Laser surgery is also an option to correct the vision. 

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