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Protect Your Vision With Different Lens Coatings


Every patient’s eyes are different. That’s why the lenses for your eyeglasses should be tailored to your individual needs and not just your prescription.

One of the most important choices when considering lenses for your eyeglasses is the lens coating, which is designed to protect your eyes and increase lens durability.

At Market Mall Optometry, our eye doctors will conduct a comprehensive eye exam, discuss your lifestyle and personal preferences to help you find the very best solution for your prescription lenses.

Lens Coating For Your Eyeglasses: Which Is The Right Choice?

Today, special lens coatings improve and protect vision and while the choice can be overwhelming, our eye doctors can help you make the right choice when it comes to your specific needs.

1. Eliminating Lens Reflection: Anti-Reflective Lenses

Anti-reflective coating (AR coating) is a thin, multi-layer coating applied to the lens surfaces to improve your vision and the appearance of your eyeglasses. Its primary purpose is to eliminate glare and allow more light to pass through your lenses.

AR Coating has many benefits, including:

  • Reduces glare and reflections
  • Reduces glare at night when driving
  • Helps prevent 'digital eye-strain’ for patients who spend long hours on the computer
  • Enhances the appearance of your eyeglasses
  • Makes your lenses appear invisible

Anti-reflective coating also helps protect your lenses from scratches and smudges and can repel dust and water, ensuring that your vision always remains clear.


2. Ensure Long-Term Healthy Vision: UV Protected Coating

Overexposing your eyes to ultraviolet rays can cause serious age-related eye problems such as cataracts and macular degeneration.

A UV lens coating can block 98-100% of transmitted and reflected UVA and UVB rays, which is why it is so important to ensure that your everyday eyeglasses, as well as your sunglasses, are equipped with UV coating.


3. Protecting Your Eyeglasses From Scratches: Scratch Resistant Coating

While nothing will make your eyeglass lenses scratch-proof, a scratch resistant coating can minimize everyday wear and tear and help protect your investment in quality lenses.

Children’s lenses will benefit the most from a scratch-resistant hard coating as it provides greater durability, prevents scratches from damaging the eyeglasses and decreases vision interference.

4. Computer Use: Blue Light Coating

Blue light emitted from smartphones, tablets and computer monitors can contribute to digital eye-strain, causing dry, irritated eyes and blurred vision.

If you spend a significant amount of time on your computer or smartphone, eye doctors highly recommend blue light coating for your lenses: a next-generation anti-reflective coating that greatly reduces your blue light exposure.

Some of the incredible benefits of blue light coating include:

  • Reduces eye-strain
  • Optimizes visual performance
  • Improves visual comfort
  • Enhances the appearance of your eyeglasses
  • Extends the life of your lenses


Learn More

To learn more about your eyeglass lens coating options or how our eye doctors can help protect the long-term health of your vision, contact our Calgary eye clinic today at 403-286-4884.


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