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Styling Clear Acetate Eyeglasses - Calgary Eyeglass Trend Alert

While they may be subtle, clear eyeglasses are anything but boring.

Clear eyeglasses have steadily been gaining popularity over the last few years. At this point, most eyewear companies have clear frames in at least a few different variants. That’s great news, because these frames work for anyone, as long as they’re styled correctly.

Style-wise, there are two key reasons why these frames work for everyone.

1. Clear Glasses Don't Overwhelm Your Features

Usually, even the smallest frames take up real estate on your face and "break up" your features. For those with bangs, beards, or who love bold earrings, adding glasses can often create a look that's too "busy", even if you find the right frames for your face.

However, crystal clear frames are much more subtle: the colour doesn't create a standout shape against the skin.

Additionally, clear frames keep the eye area open. This means that they don't create under-eye shadows the way many darker frames do.

Clear frames' lightness is also ideal for those with strong prescriptions for nearsightedness: these can make the eyes appear smaller, a look that's often exaggerated by thick, dark eyeglass frames.

Clear Eyeglass Frames. Flatter Everyone.

2. Crystal Clear Frames Will Never Clash With Your Skin Tone, Hair Colour, Or Makeup

The slightly glossy finish of clear frames is highly flattering on older individuals, who might find that a matte white or grey frame ages them. 

Convinced to give a pair of clear eyeglasses a try? Check out these styling tips from our Calgary eyeglass experts. 


How To Style Crystal Clear Frames

For a professional look, stick to bold yet conventional shapes: rectangular frames, square frames, and butterfly frames. Narrower frames look chic, clinical, yet minimal. Team with your best professional attire and get ready to take on the boardroom in style.

For an artsy or elegant look, oversized round frames or upswept cat-eyed frames. Men who normally stick to highly traditional shapes can subtly show off their artistic side with rectangular butterfly frames, or extra-thick frames. 

To give off a bold and futuristic look, think outside the box. Exaggerated styles, unique shapes, and wraparound looks are perfect. Whether you’re influenced by the latest in haute couture or sci-fi films, you're sure to be a trendsetter.

Additional Styling Tips:

  • Frames should be in proportion to your face to avoid a "goggle" look. Ensure the nose bridge and frame width are appropriate, and remember when you look up or down or shake your head, your spectacles shouldn't slip!
  • Keep your eye makeup subtle. As a rule, makeup should match your frames in boldness. This means that barely-there clear frames pair best with neutral or pastel eye makeup.
  • Clear frames tend to show fingerprints and smudges more than darker frames. Because of this, it's helpful to have eyeglass cleaning solution and microfiber cloths with on hand. 


Add Subtle Colour To Your Eyeglass Collection!

Additionally, you're not limited to glass-like frames. If you're looking to add more colour to your frame collection, try some of this season’s subtly tinted acetate frames. They offer a subtle pop of colour, but all the style of their crystal-clear counterparts.

  • If you’ve got warm colouring, try frames with a very light pink, brown, champagne, or earthy green tint.
  • Those with cooler colouring can rock transparent frames tinted with steely greys, cool blues, minty greens, or delicate lavenders.
  • There are many frames that marble clear acetate with black, brown, or another hue. This funky and playful version of classic tortoiseshell is perfect for men and women alike.
  • Some frames combine a richly coloured top with clear acetate on the lower part of the frame. This look is a great alternative to half-rim glasses or clubmasters, and is flattering on older individuals and those with heart-shaped or shorter faces.


Contact Our Calgary Eyeglasses Experts For A Frame Fitting

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