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Surprising Clues That Your Child Has a Vision Problem

Your child needs healthy and clear vision to read, write, use the computer, and even play. Here are some common warning signs of vision problems in children and how regular and comprehensive eye exams can help keep their eyesight protected.

Many parents tend to overlook the importance of comprehensive eye exams for their children during their developmental years. However, regular visits to your eye doctor are very important to ensure your child’s vision is clear and their eyes are healthy. In addition to protecting your kid’s ocular health, regular eye exams will allow the optometrist to: 

  • Detect early signs of any serious eye conditions 
  • Provide prompt treatment or management to help your child maintain clear eyesight
  • Preserve your child’s long-term vision 
  • Ensure that no vision issues are interfering with your child’s safety or school performance 

Vision Screenings vs Comprehensive Eye Exams for Children 

A vision screening will only check your child’s vision and not the health of their eyes. That’s why it’s so important that your child visits their eye doctor for appropriate vision care. 

Our Calgary Eye Doctors Provide Comprehensive Eye Exams for Children 

At our Calgary eye clinic, we understand the important role clear and healthy vision plays in your child’s academic, social, and physical development. We offer a range of ocular health services for your little one including eye exams for children, emergency eye care, and contact lens fittings, to ensure the clarity of their vision and the long-term health of their eyes. 

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Warning Signs That Your Child Might Have a Vision Problem 

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to children’s eyesight is that they rarely report when they are experiencing visual difficulties. This is why it’s so important to schedule regular eye exams for your children and to be fully aware of the possible signs and symptoms of a vision problem in your child.


When detected early, vision problems in kids can be easily and promptly treated, resulting in long-term healthy vision. Here are some of the physical, behavioural, and performance clues that parents must watch out for: 

Performance Signs of Poor Vision

Poor vision can affect your child’s performance both in and out of school. If your little one is displaying any of the following signs, it could be time to visit an optometrist: 

  1. Poor reading comprehension 
  2. Unwillingness to do any near work (writing or reading) 
  3. Loses his/her place frequently when reading 
  4. Re-reading, inserting, or leaving out words in a paragraph 
  5. Confusing words that look similar 
  6. Poor handwriting 
  7. Trouble following directions 
  8. Poor academic performance 


Physical Signs of Poor Vision

If your child has an issue with his/her eyes, there are a number of physical symptoms that they could display. Watch out for: 

  1. Excessive squinting, blinking, or rubbing of eyes 
  2. Complaints of dizziness, headaches, or nausea, especially after reading 
  3. Itching, tearing, red, or sore eyes 
  4. Closing one eye when reading or watching TV 
  5. Complaints of blurred or double vision 
  6. Tilting of the head when reading or watching TV 
  7. Needs to read at a very close distance 

Behavioural Signs of Poor Vision 

Have you noticed any changes in the way your child behaves? Poor vision can cause certain behavioural issues, including: 

  1. Irritation and fatigue 
  2. Poor levels of concentration 
  3. High levels of frustration or stress 
  4. Lack of confidence and a withdrawn nature 
  5. Frequent emotional outbursts or aggressive behaviour 
  6. Low self-esteem 
  7. Short attention span (your child is easily distracted) 
  8. Overly-emotional or frequent crying

In addition to this, you may have noticed that your child has become a slower learner, is more immature, or appears to be lazy or working below his/her potential. 

If you are concerned about any of the above signs, then it’s important to book an eye exam with your Calgary optometrist. He/she can perform a comprehensive checkup of your child’s eyes to determine whether they are suffering from a vision problem. 

Our Calgary Optometrists Can Help Protect Your Child’s Vision 

At our Calgary eye clinic, our team of professional eye doctors can provide comprehensive eye exams, eye emergency care, and many other ocular health services to protect the long-term vision of your whole family. 

If your child is displaying worrying physical, behavioural, or performance signs of vision problems, we can help! To book an appointment, contact us at 403-286-4884 or fill in our online contact form.


Q: My child has had a vision screening — do they need an eye exam? Yes! Even if your child passed a vision screening, you still need to book an eye exam with an optometrist. This is because a comprehensive eye test will check your child’s vision as well as their eye health, and can detect vision problems that screening may miss. 

Q: My child won’t wear their eyeglasses. What can I do? Adjusting to wearing eyeglasses for the first time is difficult for anyone, especially for a child! While every kid is different, staying positive, finding a way to distract your little one and consistency are key when it comes to helping your child get used to their spectacles. (5 Tips to Get Your Child Excited About Wearing Eyeglasses >)

Q: Does my child need to wear their eyeglasses all the time? If your child is nearsighted or farsighted, they may not need to wear their eyeglasses all the time. However, if your little one has a strong prescription, or if they’re wearing eyeglasses to help correct for eye misalignment, they may need to wear them all the time. As always, it’s best to check with your eye doctor how often your child needs to wear their eyeglasses. 

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