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Tips For Comfortable Contact Lens Wear

Tips For Comfortable Contact Lens Wear

If you are interested in getting contact lenses or if you already wear contact lenses and are finding they irritate your eyes, there are some things you should know about contact lens care and comfort. Your contact lenses should not bother your eyes; once they are put in correctly, you should not feel your contact lenses at all. Contact lenses should not cause irritation, they shouldn’t feel like they move when you blink, they shouldn’t burn, and you should be able to see clearly out of them. If your contact lenses don’t feel right, you may need to alter your contact lens care routine or consider updating your contact lenses. Here are some steps you can take to ensure safe and comfortable contact lens wear.

How To Keep Contact Lenses Comfortable

Clean Your Contact Lenses
When you receive contact lenses, you will also receive contact lens cleaner. Every time you take your contact lenses out, clean them with this specially designed cleaner. To do this, first wash your hands and then place the contact lens in the palm of your hand and add a few drops of cleaner. Gently rub the contact for about 15 seconds. After this, thoroughly rinse your contact lenses with contact solution and then place them in your contact lens case with fresh solution. Remember to always use fresh solution and never use water on your contact lenses.

Stay Hydrated
Contact lenses can dry out and cause eye discomfort. To ensure your contacts stay hydrated, use eye drops specifically designed for contacts. The most common form of contact-friendly eye drops are rewetting drops, but you can sometimes use thin dry eye drops as well. Speak to your optometrist about which eye drops are right for you. To ensure your contact lenses don’t dry out, keep them in solution when you’re not wearing them. Contact lenses should never be sitting out in the dry air; they either need to be worn or in solution.

Replace Contact Lenses As Needed
Always dispose of contact lenses by their recommended expiry and use new ones. The type of contact lenses you use will determine how long you can use them; some contacts need to be disposed of every day and others can be worn for a month. Whatever length of wear your contact lenses are, do not try to wear them beyond this point. Using contact lenses beyond the recommended date can increase your risk of developing eye infections. If there is damage to your contact lens (for example if your contact lens rips or becomes dried out), replace it right away.

Don’t Sleep With Contact Lenses In
Not only will sleeping with contact lenses increase your risk of developing eye infections, but it will also lead to increased eye discomfort. When you sleep with your contact lenses in, it can dry out your eyes and your contact lenses. If you sleep with your contact lenses in, you may find them difficult to remove in the morning. Do not try to remove your contact lenses by force, but instead add lubricating eye drops or solution until your contact lens rehydrates enough that it will come off. Then dispose of the contact lens.

Book A Contact Lens Fitting
The best way to make sure your contact lenses are comfortable from the beginning is to book a proper contact lens fitting exam. These exams are vital for ensuring both eye comfort and eye safety, as an ill-fitting contact lens can damage your eye over time. An ill-fitting contact lens can also cause regular discomfort and impede your vision. A contact lens fitting will determine the curvature, size, and shape of your contact lens so that it is custom fit for optimal comfort and function.

Find Comfortable Contact Lenses In Calgary

The best way to get comfortable contact lenses is to have a contact lens exam and fitting and a discussion with your optometrist and optician. These eye experts will explain everything you need to know about contact lens care, including how and when to take your contact lenses out, what eye drops you can use, and what type of contact lenses work best for your lifestyle. A contact lens fitting determines the perfect contact lens size and shape for your eye so that your contacts can be as comfortable as possible. To schedule a contact lens exam and fitting, contact Market Mall Optometry at 1-403-286-4884 or fill out the online contact form.

Q: What types of contact lenses are there?
A: There are 2 types of lenses: soft lens and hard lens. Soft lenses are the most popular among contact lens wearers because they allow for more oxygen to reach the cornea. Hard lens options provide exceptional vision for patients with astigmatism. Talk to your optometrist to see which option is right for you.

Q: Will my contact lens prescription be any different from my eyeglasses prescription?
A: Yes, the adjustment method is different for contact lenses and glasses. To correctly adjust your contact lenses, it is necessary to know the measurements of the eye, which will determine the diameter and curvature of the lenses. Because the distance between your eye and your glasses is different from the distance between your contact lens and eye, your prescription may also differ.

Q: Is a contact lens exam different from a regular eye exam?
A: A contact lens exam will involve contact lens-specific tests and measurements, such as contact lens fitting and measuring your contact lens prescription. Although the tests are slightly different, a contact lens exam will be very similar to a regular eye exam and it will take approximately the same amount of time. To learn more, read What To Expect During Your Contact Lens Exam.

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