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Contact Lens Fitting: The Missing Step In Buying Online Contact Lenses

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Don’t get us wrong, it can be tempting to order cheap contact lenses online, promising stunning aqua blue hues and the vivid green eyes that some of us could only wish we were blessed with at birth. Besides, most optometrist clinics won’t sell you contact lenses without a contact lens fitting before sending you home with prescription lenses or coloured contacts. Here are 4 crucial Reasons to do it the old-fashioned way,  skip online shopping and get a contact lens fitting.

When you go to see an optometrist for a contact lens fitting, there are some great benefits that you don’t get online. Not only will your contact lenses feel better, but they are also safer for your eyes! Here are some reasons to play it safe when it comes to your eyes and leave online shopping for your non-eye wardrobe essentials!

The Foundation Of Long Term Eye Health 

At our Calgary eye clinic in Market Mall, our team of highly experienced eye doctors can assess your lifestyle, eye health, and other factors to determine which type of contact lens is right for you. During the contact lens fitting, they can advise on how to put in contact lenses and take out your lenses, and how to take care of them, to lower your risk of developing any infections and ensure your vision always stays clear. 

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4 Reasons You Should Skip Online Contact Lenses And Schedule A Contact Lens Fitting With An Optometrist

1. The Unseen Risk behind Online Contact Lenses

The biggest and sometimes most surprising factor when deciding whether to buy cheap contact lenses online or buy contact lenses from a local optometrist is quality. There are four main reasons why you should buy from an optometrist and one is that there will only back trusted brands and products that are safe for your eyes. Your optometrist will take the time to discuss the pros and cons of coloured contact lenses, for example, so you understand the risks associated.

When it comes to your eyes, don’t put your trust in sponsored influencer reviews. The quality they send influencers may be a different product altogether, and the safety standard for that product is an unknown gamble. There may be unseen damage going on due to poor quality material and improper sizing. Although admittedly, there may not be as large of a colour selection for coloured contact lenses, there are trusted, safe brands offered in prescription and non-prescription daily and monthly contact lens options. 

2. Try Before You Buy

No more customs and shipping costs, plus the hassle of returns. When you book a contact lens fitting at Market Mall Optometry, you will receive a pair of trial lenses for you to wear home. That way you can make sure you actually like the colour and fit.

Have you ever ordered something and it says Seafoam green and when you receive it you unbox the most hideous vomit-coloured fuzzy knit sweater you’ve ever seen? If you order in person, you can actually see the available colours in person and how it looks over top of your own eye colour. Optometrist clinics are usually good about returning unopened boxes for a different colour or prescription if something seems off as well! After you go home and try out your new eye candy, the optometrist will do a follow-up exam(s), usually within a few days, to ensure the contact lens fit and vision are right for you! 

3. Expert Knowledge, Quality, And Safety 

When you go for a contact lens exam, you can expect customized and appropriate fitting contact lenses that you won’t get in an online shopping experience. The wrong size, shape, or contact lens of poor quality can cause scratching and damage to your cornea and impact your vision in time. Safeguard your eyesight and wear contact lenses comfortably when you buy them from an optometrist. You can expect:

  • Optometrist-determined contact lens prescription
  • Customized consultation with a Doctor to find the right lens for you
  • Properly fitted Contacts that are shaped to the curvature of your cornea, pupil, and iris to determine the appropriate contact lenses size for your eyes 


4. Contact Lense Education And Training Before You Go Home

When you order in-store a trained professional will show you how to put in contact lenses properly and ensure you are comfortable putting them in and taking them out before they send you out on your own. They will provide you with education such as how often you should replace contact lenses. Skip the online tutorials, and the stinging watery eyes after a half-hour of trying hopelessly to insert your contact lens. You will be shown how to put contact lenses in and take them out safely, which can be a nerve-wracking first experience as most of us are not used to touching our eyeballs. Then you will be shown how to clean and store your contacts so that they do not harbour debris or bacteria when you go to put them in your eyes next time. Proper contact lens care and wear will help your contact lenses last longer and stay healthy for your eyes.

Trust Our Calgary Market Mall Optometry To Protect Your Eyes

Whether you’re in the market for Halloween eye contact lenses, coloured, or prescription contacts it is important to remember that cheap online contact lenses are cutting costs possibly at the expense of your eye health. A professional contact lens fitting is important for education, training, getting a properly fitted lens to your eye, and ensuring the materials you are putting in your eyes are safe for your eyes. 


Looking for contact lenses in Calgary? To book a contact lens fitting appointment, contact us at 403-286-4884 or fill in our online contact form.



Q: Do I still Need a Contact Lens Fitting if I already have an eyeglasses prescription?

Yes. Contact Lens prescriptions are not the same as eyeglass prescriptions. This is because of the proximity that the contact lens and the eyeglass lens sit from your eye. If you wear eyeglasses and are thinking about switching to contact lenses, you’ll need to visit your eye doctor for a contact lens fitting.

Call our Calgary NW optometrist clinic at 403-286-4884 or fill in our online contact form.

Q: How often should I have a contact lens exam?

For patients who are current contact lens wearers, we recommend annual contact lens exams to have the fit, comfort, and eye health of your lenses assessed.

Q: What if I've already had a contact lens fitting, can I order online then?

Yes. But you should only order from credible optometry and eyewear professionals using your contact lens prescription. That way you can ensure the contact lenses will be of a standardized quality and proper fitting to your eye. 

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