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Contact Lenses or Glasses?

Contact lenses and glasses are both wonderful inventions that impact your ability to see and experience the world. Have you ever wondered if one solution is better than the other?

Advantages to glasses include:

  • reducing the amount of eye touching.
  • their ability to act as a barrier to outdoor elements. 
  • being cheaper in the long run.
  • allowing us to show some personality and fashion tastes.

Disadvantages to glasses include:

  • hindering your peripheral sight. 
  • getting dirty or smudged. 
  • taking away from your natural good looks. 

Contacts are a sensation in the world of vision. 

With contacts:

  • you can change your eye color. 
  • participate in events and sports.
  • have a larger scope of view.

However, contacts come with disadvantages as well:

  • they require a daily cleaning routine.
  • they can be difficult to master.
  • have to be replaced more frequently than glasses. 

Contacts and glasses are completely a personal preference and depends on which fits better in your lifestyle.

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