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How to Select the Right Lenses for Your New Eyeglasses

Not all lenses are the same. Choosing the right ones is essential and should be one of your first considerations when selecting eyeglasses.

The lenses you choose for your eyeglasses - even more than the frames - will often determine how happy you are with your eyewear.

 After your eye exam, and once you have your prescription, your optometrist will be able to advise you on a range of lens types to suit your lifestyle. With the right choice, you will benefit from: 

  • Sharper, clearer vision
  • More comfortable vision
  • Safe driving at night time
  • Optimized performance in sports
  • The right look

Why Visit Market Mall Optometry

At our NW eye clinic, not only can our professional and experienced eye doctors help you select the right lenses for your eyeglasses, but we also provide a wide range of affordable vision services from eye exams and glaucoma testing to contact lens fittings to ensure the long-term health of your eyes.


Selecting the Right Lenses for Your Eyeglasses

Before you spend too much of your budget on frames, it’s advisable to first speak with your optometrist about the different lenses available. They can help you select the right option for your vision, lifestyle and taste.

Some of the options include:

1. Anti-Glare Lenses

If you do a lot of reading, computer work or night driving, then opting for anti-glare lenses can make these tasks much more pleasant - as well as safer when it comes to driving.

 Some of the benefits of this lens coating include:

  • Reduces glare and reflection
  • Helps prevent ‘digital eye-strain’ for patients who spend a lot of time on the computer
  • Allows for safer, more comfortable driving at night
  • Enhances the appearance of your eyeglasses 
Improved appearance

Not only do glare-resistant lenses reduce eye discomfort, they also make the eyeglasses look more flattering on your face. With the reduction in reflection, there is a better focus on your eyes rather than a distorted reflective appearance.


2. Scratch Resistant Lenses

While there is no solution to make your eyeglass lenses 100% scratch-proof, opting for a scratch resistant coating can minimize everyday wear and tear and prolong the life of your lenses. This is often recommended for patients who work in physical environments.

Scratch-Resistant Lenses & Children’s Eyeglasses

Children’s lenses will benefit the most from a scratch-resistant coating, especially for kids who are very active. These lenses will provide greater durability, prevent scratches and decrease any vision interference.


3. Dust Repellant Lenses

While you may not notice at first, dust can build up on your lenses over time, making your eyeglasses dirty and causing a blurry view. Anyone is susceptible to dust but if you are a DIY enthusiast, work in a manual environment or spend time in busy cities, then this lens may be the right option for you.

Tips for keeping your eyeglasses dust-free:

If you are exposed to a lot of dust or do manual work, speak to your optometrist about dust-repellant lenses after your eye exam. Apart from selecting the right lenses, other ways to keep your glasses dust-free include:

  • Wiping your lenses regularly with a microfibre cloth - NEVER a tissue or normal cloth
  • Rinsing your lenses with lukewarm water to remove any debris
  • Cleaning eyeglasses with mild washing-up liquid & wiping with microfibre cloth


4. Blue Light Lenses

Blue light emitted from digital devices including smartphones, computers and tablets can contribute greatly to vision discomfort and can have some serious eye health effects including:

If you spend a significant amount of time on your computer/smartphone, a blue light coating can help reduce your blue light exposure and protect your vision.

Benefits of Blue-Light Lens Coating
  • Reduced eye-strain
  • Improved visual comfort
  • Less eye fatigue and fewer headaches
  • Wearing blue-light lenses at night protects your body’s internal rhythm, supporting healthy sleep & thereby lowering your risk of developing chronic diseases

Want to find out if blue-light lenses are right for you?

Book an Eye Exam


UV Contact Lenses

It’s not only eyeglasses that come with different coatings. There are also contact lenses available that help protect your eyes from the harmful effects of UV rays such as poor eyesight & increased risk of macular degeneration.

Who can benefit from UV contact lenses?

Everyone can benefit from UV contact lenses. Even the best-quality sunglasses let in sun around the rim so contact lenses with UV blocking filters, which sit over the cornea and lens of your eye, provide additional and much-needed protection.

It’s imperative to start protecting your eyes EARLY ON as the effects of UV exposure are cumulative and happen over time. CHILDREN & TEENS are in the age demographic that is most susceptible to UV penetration so these patients can benefit even more from UV contact lenses.


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To find out more about how our eye doctors can help you select the right eyeglass lens coatings or contact lenses for your specific vision needs, contact our Calgary eye clinic at 403-286-4884 or book an eye exam today.

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