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Why You Should Never Have an Online Eye Exam

The internet allows us to do everything from the comfort of our homes. Whether it’s buying new clothes, earning a degree, or even receiving an online eye exam - but how accurate are these vision tests? 

Having clear eyesight doesn’t always mean that your eyes are healthy, as some of the most common vision conditions are asymptomatic in their early stages. That’s why many health care professionals recommend having routine eye exams to safeguard your vision.

Yearly eye exams can have many benefits, including:

  • early identification of visual and medical conditions
  • immediate management of vision problems
  • lower health care costs
  • more comfortable and clear vision
  • improved quality of life

Comprehensive Eye Exams at our Calgary Clinic

At Market Mall Optometry, we offer eye exams for patients of all ages, as well as advanced vision services including diabetic retinal examinations, glaucoma testing, and cataract management, to ensure that you can enjoy the benefits of an improved quality of life that comes from clear and comfortable vision.

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Online Eye Exams Create Waves in the Healthcare Industry

Over the last couple of decades, the internet has changed just about every aspect of our lives. From the way we shop, to the way we gain information and connect with friends, the Information Age is a very different world.

While it’s true that the internet has made so many things easier, sometimes that convenience comes at the cost of quality, which is the case on online eye exams.

What is an Online Eye Exam?

Several online services offer the opportunity to take an eye test from the comfort of your own home. Using a series of lines, shapes, and letters, they claim to provide an assessment of your vision in as little as half an hour. Many of these services even offer to have your results verified by an optometrist, who can then issue a prescription.

So what’s the catch?

Although online eye exams may seem convenient, they only measure visual acuity and refractive error. While some may test for other problems including light sensitivity and color blindness, none have the ability to focus on what really matters: the health of your eyes.

Only a comprehensive eye examination from your optometrist can help identify signs of serious and vision-threatening conditions such as:


Risks of Online Eye Tests and Self Examination

Conducting a vision test alone and without the aid of a professional and qualified optometrist can pose certain risks, including:

1. Undiagnosed Vision Problems

If any vision problems such as cataracts, macular degeneration, and glaucoma exist, they will remain undiagnosed during an online eye test. It’s important to remember that other general health conditions can present symptoms in the eye, which the online software won’t be able to catch.

If you are experiencing drastic changes in your vision, then it’s best to make an appointment with your local Calgary optometrist.

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2. Incorrect Prescriptions

Even though some online services have the results of their tests verified by an eye doctor, without a professional optometrist present while you take the test, it’s difficult to ensure the exam was carried out properly in the first place.

Inaccurate testing and results can lead to you receiving an incorrect prescription, which can have many problems including:

  • poor and uncomfortable vision
  • frequent headaches
  • eye strain
  • sense of dizziness or lack of balance

Should I Change Prescription?


At Market Mall Optometry, We Care About Your Vision and Overall Health

At Market Mall Optometry, we value your time and understand why the convenience of online eye exams can seem tempting - but we also want to take care of your health! Unlike a computer, our optometrists can ensure that, not only are you seeing correctly, but that you’re on the path to whole body health as well.

If you want to know more about our comprehensive eye exams or other vision services such as contact lens fittings , dry eye care, or eye emergencies, contact our Calgary eye clinic today at 403-286-4884 or fill in our online contact form.

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